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We Sree Siddhi Vinayaka Logistics (SSVL) is start up by 2017 with transport contractor service and grown up in the last three years with a mission of delivering logistics excellence to its customers and ensuring their success. We want to follow all the regulations and the rules of the government and registered our firm as partnership firm and got the firm registration certificate and the GSTIN.

Today, the firm has firmly entrenched itself as the 'Knowledge Leader' and 'Market Leader' of supply chain & logistics industry.

SSVL offers a wide range of innovative supply chain services including Express Distribution, 3PL and Consulting. The firm provides value-added logistics services for 9 different business verticals ranging from Apparel & Lifestyle, E-commerce, Healthcare, Hi-Tech, Publishing to Automotive, Engineering & Electrical Hardware, FMCG & Consumer Electronics and Institutional.

SSVL team is very professional ethics oriented. They keep their time management in pick up as well in the same in the delivery at destinations. They are well experienced and customer friendly quality pleasant people.

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Our Mission

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We shall adopt and internalize a work culture which demonstrates a 'We Can We Will' attitude to reflect in our daily responsibilities so as to far exceed our objectives, consistently striving towards market dominance. We will create historical landmarks forming a strong edifice for the future overcoming all obstacles proactively, as our personal responsibility and commitments are to create delight for the customer with impeccable personalized services.

Our Vision

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To revolutionize the Supply Chain & Logistics industry in India and consequently contribute to the growth of our economy. By way of our unsurpassable expertise in providing Value-added Supply Chain & Logistics services, we will enhance our 'Knowledge Leadership' and 'Market Leadership.

Our Values

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Our Culture of Respect.

We believe in nurturing a healthy Relationship with our people, partners and customers. We constantly strive to Evolve from an 'Effort-based Organization' to a 'Result-based Organization'. We ensure that our Self-Discipline allows a complete ownership and accountability of our work as well as compliance to our policies and processes. We take a deep sense of Pride in what we do and for our organization. We Explore unchartered territories and by continually seeking Knowledge. We are Custodians of our, and our customers' goods and resources. We believe in the power of Talk in dealing with any situation

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